Monday, March 08, 2010

some expected & unexpected fresh starts

Well looks like and unexpected predicament happened to me recently, My entire Hard-drive on my computer crashed or somethin. Apparently it became corrupt after some program I unfortunately installed (wont be doin that again...)  

Had to get it repaired, and I just got it back today. And pretty much everything I ever owned (art work, music, movies, brushes, the whole nine, were all erased since windows had to be reinstalled again. Tho to be perfectly honest I'm not at all upset or regretful. It's like a proper clean slate that I've been lookin to get lately. So with that, I guess I'll have to round up all my previous content again and be more organized this time around and get a portable HD just to be safe. Lesson learned ha ha.   

Not to mention, this random fresh start is more than appealing for my personal project under the working title "Project Ultima". Should be fun.


BLU-RUKUS said...


These sketches are awesome mang. If I remeber correctly one of the dudes in the original project had a metal arm, no?

Matteo said...

Arg, what a shame ur disk died in such a terrible way...
But u seem really resolute and this is good, keep up the great work, man! ^_-