Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ultima Novella detailed

Well here we are, this is my personal project, and this is my long term experiment. Hell I'd go as far as calling this my magnus opus 
(but let's not jump the gun.) 

Ultima Novella in a sense is quite a lot of things. Tho essentially it's a reboot of an old comic that I worked on when I was younger. Unfortunately, I never managed to truly see it through...until now. 
Ultima Novella: Permissi Inhaero Una is the collective name of a series of stories made under the "Ultima" label. Permissi Inhaero Una 
(which means "Let Us Cling Together" in Latin) is nevertheless a project consisted of several individual tales set within one world. 

Many of these tales will take place at different time periods, with each having its own genuine plot and characters respectively.
In general these tales share a common underlining mythos, but individually will echo their own themes and ideals.

Many of these tales will vary in presentation and concept. Some will be one shot stories, while others may expand over several volumes. 
Even so, these stories work off one another both directly and indirectly, or in some cases not at all. 

I call this my 'long term experiment' for a good reason. As I plan to have these tales told across multiple mediums. Utilizing the graphic novel, animation, the written novel format, and with due time even the video game medium.  

Kicking off this project are 2 interwoven tales, one of which is called 
Ultima EFFLIXI (with Lupus severing as its protagonist.) 
Ulitma EFFLIXI is the second tale to be featured from the project. Set in a contemporary Jorde, circa 1588 MR.

A pseudo-modern setting, where in which the many nations of Jorde are undergoing a huge cultural shift. An era where where Magic and Science have coalesced as one into a prominent religion.

These are the chronicles of a new era, the Magie Renaissance.』

(Efflixi is Latin for: 'to tear apart, to dismantle, or destroy')

More updates to come, as things progress.