Tuesday, December 14, 2010

old art redux pt.1

                     REDUX                                                                    ORIGINAL

Decided to undertake a new activity of revisiting my much older drawings, and redrawing them to see how much I managed to improve since then. Got the idea after digging through old work. Had quite the laugh in the process :D

This first one was one of my favorite drawings. I think I drew it in late 2006 maybe.
The character himself was intentionality made to imitate the likeness of Sora from Kingdom Hearts (hence the Mickey skull & key chain).  It was drawn with a good 'ol biro pen, and (half) colored with prismacolor markers.

This was pretty cool to do, will definitely be doing it again in the future.


Jellytooth said...

Yo man this is very cool. I want to see a full comic with this style of work. The inking is solid, it feels very fluid.

You should try and pitch something to Image or something.

Anyways rock on!